Our Games

Solvenga currently offers a single series of Otome-Games: the „MyBoy School“ series. It consists of three separate apps for mobile devices. The first title of the series has been released on Google Play. The other titles will follow mid-July 2013. 

Another Otome-game for the web is currently in development. The final title has not yet been decided upon. Thus it is currently simply referred to as “Otome Project #2”.

MyBoy School

Our lovingly designed flirting game with three unique main characters, many side characters and interesting stories. Begin your journey on a new school and meet new people. How will you act? Whom can you trust? And who will win over your heart? A story full of surprises, intrigues and feelings awaits you!


The apps are availible on Google Play. Two more stories will be added at a later time. Currently we are also developing versions for both the Web as well as iOS. We'll keep you informed in the News-section.

Otome Project #2

A new world awaits you in our next big online game! Meet many new characters and be part of an exciting story. Design your own character and exchange your experiences with other players online. 


Until the game's release, we will offer new information in the "News" section.